LES MISTONS  offers a selection of the finest original vintage children's clothing, mostly new old stock but also pre-loved pieces, selected with great care.

Our clothes were produced in the 50s, 60s and 70s (a few 80s pieces might have made their way through the stock, it means theyre really worth it!). 

The large majority of them are new and unworn (that's what we call « new old stock »). They come from old factories, shops, sample lots, individuals who kept those gems hidden for decades and made their way to us through auctions, direct sales or attic clearing. Very often, these will also still have their original tag attached. 

Finding them really feels like a treasure hunt ! 

Some of the clothes are pre-loved but we take great care of picking the ones that are in excellent condition only. The clothing item’s detailed information will indicate if the piece is New or Pre-loved.

As for the production rules of these decades, the majority of the clothes were lovingly made within Europe and USA, with most of them being produced in France and United Kingdom. 

We also gently launder most of the clothes, to make sure they arrive to you in the best condition possible. Please take a look at the SIZING AND CLEANING TIPS section for more information.


So now let's introduce ourselves shall we ?!

Well first, us is .. Me ! My name is Anna, I'm french -from Paris- living in Brighton (UK) for 5 years now, in my 30's and mum of 4yo Alice and 8 months Elliottt. Back in the years I was living in France I was a musician in a indie band and having a baby made me want to change my path.





Us is also Pelin, she is a former cultural manager and producer from Istanbul living in Brighton too and despite all her other personal projects (trust me .. a lot !) she has managed to organize all of our ideas into something that (hopefully) works for project LES MISTONS which would not be existing without her. Pelin is also the proud mum of a 4 year-old vibrant boy. 

We both met during our NCT classes while pregnant and were lucky enough to share together every step of this wonderful journey into parenthood. Being two expatriates in Brighton and sharing similar backgrounds ended to seal our friendship. 

Of course, LES MISTONS is a project completely linked to this life changing adventure of becoming a family and having a baby. It is also very much linked with the fact of living in Brighton. 

Brighton is the perfect place for raising kids and its friendly and eccentric atmosphere is also a wonderful breeding ground for new ideas and creativity.

Brighton is also famous for vintage clothes shopping (among many other things) and there are loads of families, so it seemed like a great place to start off Les Mistons. As mums, we sometimes struggle to find nice, inexpensive and original clothing for our kids on the high street. When I discovered new old pieces from French stock, I instantly fell in love with the patterns, the designs, the quality.

For those who wonder, LES MISTONS is a kind of slang word for "kids" in French, and it's also the name of french film director (one of my favourites) François Truffaut's first short film (1957). He is very unique in his way of depicting childhood, full of joy,  poetry and melancholy. 

Well I must admit I'm a bit obsessed by the idea of transmission from the past, in general. Things that stay untouched for decades or cherished by several generations. So LES  MISTONS is also my way to do my part !

Feel free to contact us at hello@les-mistons.com